Last Hours of 2013 ~ Random Musings

Last Hours of 2013 ~ Random Musings

After 2 incredible abusive husbands over 23 years
Being beaten up & down and lucky to still be alive
I’m still grateful for my beautiful daughter
My sweet toy doxie Bubb…for each day I now have
two kind therapists , a compassionate lady doctor
Thinking that 2014 will be a time for a loving
and kind and way pastime adventure of being
good to myself and seeking out the things that
make me happy and healthy and alive with
the opportunities that I am now so open to.
In this past year I am so grateful for amazing women
who have come into my life and made me feel better
and stronger and help me to realize I matter.
In spite of the way people I thought loved me have
treated me, shunned me, intentionally hurt me , and treated me
less than ….well I can now say fuck them I am
ok with out your love & support I am still standing
when most would not still be alive
~ha le lu jah


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