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Wild Grace

Some time between two and three years old, one day as I was strolling through a park with my mom  and some friends, I was attacked by a gigantic blue peacock.  No worries, there was no blood drawn.  No mutilation occured.  I think my mom was more scared than I was.  All I remember is a flurry of brilliant blue feathers in my face and feeling the strong peacock feet pushing into my chest.  Somewhere in a faint memory I recall everyone else freaking out and wondering if I should be doing the same.

In many native cultures, a shaman-in-training will be led into the forest/wilderness to confront their spirit animal.  If they survive, they’ve passed a major test toward becoming a medicine/warrior shaman.  If they don’t, well, they don’t.


Back to my peacock…

For awhile now, I’ve been studying totemic arts with this incredible tribe, meeting my spirit…

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Metamorphosis Matrioska by Raul del Sol

Love this so much ~

The Dancing Rest

Matrioska, seen as fertility icon, reflects the alteration process of shape. Together with metamorphosis process they create in this collection an amazing artistic visual language.

Coldness, distance and metamorphosis are characteristics that captivate Raul del Sol from insects. Thoroughness, sense of observation and worship to the tiniest detail belong to entomologists. What the artist looks for with his work is to merge both.

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