“The Lament of the Dead”: Five Questions for the Ayahuasca Adventurer

” The Lament of the Dead ” Five Questions for the
Ayahuasca Adventurer

Conversations with Don Machinga and Other Beings

ship illustration Red Book Illustration from Jung’s ‘Red Book’

“We are lived by powers we pretend to understand:

They arrange our lives; it is they who direct at the end.

The enemy bullet, the sickness, or even our hand.

It is their tomorrow hangs over the earth of the living.

And all that we wish for our friends; but existing is believing

We know for whom we mourn and who is grieving.”

W.H.Auden, “In Memory of Ernst Toller” (1940)

The marvelous line from this poem – “We are lived by powers we pretend to understand” – provides the link back to my previous blog about mind control.

In this blog, I tried to show how the encounter with La Madre Ayahuasca, especially when combined with a long term dieta of a powerful Amazonian medicinal tree or plant, shows us unequivocally how much of our mind is shaped by cultural conditioning and…

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Michael C. Ruppert Suicide Note Released

This makes me so sad ~
RIP Michael C. Ruppert

Cheri Speak

michael-ruppert-death-suicide-ca Image Source: transitionvoice.com

Yesterday I published a piece about the Sunday, April 13, suicide of radio show host, whistle-blower, activist, author and American hero, Michael C. Ruppert. Today I would like to update the readers with some new information I have just received from Michael’s attorney Wesley Miller.

According to Miller, the reason Michael’s death was confirmed by “Napa County Sheriffs” is because Michael was staying in a trailer on his friend, Jack Martin’s, property in Calistoga, California. It was Jack who found Mike’s body resting in an outdoor meditation spot on the property.

Michael Ruppert left two handwritten notes, one of which was a very personal note to his girlfriend/life partner and is a personal letter that will not be shared, at least not any time in the near future. Miller stresses the letter,

“…contained clear statements confessing his impending suicide.”

The second note was written to Jack Martin…

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