gimme mick

Muffy, Always on point and always amazing!!! I shutter to think what I would do without you and your writing…I love you so and always.


One thought on “gimme mick

  1. I feel sad that I trapped my daughter with a father of such lack of character and respect. It will affect her for the rest of her life emotionally. I feel guilty about this. He has been an absent father to her but what is worse he talked bad all of her life about her mom.(since she is part of her mom, she would obviously feel he was talking about her) He told lies about me and did it front of her. He was and is and remains a sorry human being. I used to blame myself , but no more…It is his to own and his to make up for. ….and his to live with~

    To add more awfulness he remarried a woman who has such a hard on for me that she has treated Michaels only blood child (ours) with such utter disrespect….which should come as
    no surprise since she has no self respect or she would not have put up with him cheating on
    her their entire “marriage”, one affair after another for over 20 years(I can name , names…but I won’t) I am embarrassed at the Peyton Place of it all, though it is normal to them.

    Tired of trying to make up for him and the man he should have been.
    Tired of pretending he is a good person.
    I do blame myself for telling my sweet daughter her whole life her daddy loved her,
    no wonder she is confused about love.

    I won’t go into it….but in reality he did to us exactly what his own father did to
    his family. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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