Victim-blaming: the betrayal of trust and erosion of justice


2 thoughts on “Victim-blaming: the betrayal of trust and erosion of justice

  1. I have been a victim of extreme violence, RAPE , BEATINGS ,HELD AT KNIFEPOINT ( a knife to my throat) , A RIFLE BETWEEN MY EYES, KIDNAPPED and much much more. My mother Bobbie Kessner and both my “sisters” Schalan Mohtares and Marla York have blamed me, talked behind my back , Gossiped about me in front of their children when they were young 3 of them boys. They could have took my experiences and taught their sons about abuse and how to respect women. They could have taught them not to be judgemental. They could have taught their children how to help and end the silence and stand up!!! The instead taught them to judge, to blame victims of rape and abuse. They taught them how to gossip about, make fun of and mock their aunt. These things they did in the name of “Christianity” . This is who they are, what they did and even more …used my mother feeble mind to turn her against a daughter and granddaughter. This is shameful behavior. This is unacceptable and this is the reason these things continue.

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    • This is the most devasting thing, it has caused me more harm than the initial violence and trauma. Being victimized over and over and over by my family ,by the ones that are supposed to protect me and love me. They did this , they are still doing it since 1992 and it is a revictimization that has exacerbated my trauma and PTSD and turned it into CPTSD. ~Heartbreaking to me and to my daughter who at the time this all started was 10 years old. It is a bad dream and so unnecessary when they could have chosen love and compassion….

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